Grand Time in the Grand Cayman

Can y’all tell I suck at titles? Because I do.

Want to know what doesn’t suck? The Grand Cayman. We got off the boat and had to hop on a tender (no, not a dating app. There’s no swiping left here) and ride over to the island. The water, even out where the cruise ships had to anchor down, was unbelievably clear and of a color that could only be described as “blue jello.”

Again, we had no plans here. When we got to land, we spent some time taking pictures and admiring the fish. We decided to try out Seven Mile Beach (which – fun fact – is only 6.3 miles long).

We found a beach-front restaurant and mom set up shop at a picnic table in the sand while Ross and I hopped in the water. Which, by the way, was still perfectly clear.

We found a lady that was renting snorkel gear (and ended up giving her our Carnival swipe cards as collateral… probably a bad idea) and spent the rest of our time on the beach making friends with the fishies (and one friendly shark).

The beauty of this place was unreal. I’m used to the Gulf of Mexico water, not murky, but certainly not clear.

We hopped on a shuttle back to the port and enjoyed a nice shopping area with local and tourist shops. Much to our excitement, there was no haggling or being pulled into different shops here.

A few shirts and a wooden hummingbird later, and we were back on the Dream and sailing away to Cozumel (my FAVORITE).

Check back for more!

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