Where You Go, I’ll Go.

Lately, the Lord has been putting a whole lot of stuff on my heart. Funny how when you pray for guidance, He grants it, even when it isn’t what you want to hear. I have always been a creature of habit and comfort, never really rocking any boats or doing anything unpredictable.

I have been a part of the Church for as long as I can remember. There was never a time when I didn’t know about the glories of God’s love for us. However, as an adult with a full time job, I have been slacking on my end of the deal. You see, Christianity is a relationship. God is not a genie in a lamp waiting to grant your wishes. He isn’t here to fix your finances or help you get a new car. WE are here for HIM. HE created US. Our purpose is to worship Him. And, the older I have gotten, the less I have been doing that.

In college, it was easy. I lived with believers, attended bible studies, and was constantly surrounded by a support system. Now, while I still have that support system and a godly man, I have not been keeping myself accountable. There have been a lot of things placed on my heart lately, some of which I am not ready to share yet. But one is to spend more time in the Word. It has been months since I picked up a Bible. The funny part is, I can tell. The times when I am vigilant in  spending time with God, I am a different person. My anxiety stays dormant, and I am able to look at things in a positive light. When I go chunks of time without Him, anxiety makes  its way back into my life, slowly taking over until I shut down again, like I have so many times before.

My prayer this week is to continue to seek out what God wants for my life. Where He wants me to be. What He wants me to be doing. My plans for myself are just that, for me. They are selfish ideas that I have built inside of my comfort zone. I want to be shoved out of this box. I want to face whatever He is going to throw my way. I no longer want to stay in comfort, never speaking out.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll be seeing a lot of posts based off of what I may have read or realized. I am going to share this journey with you guys, so that you can hopefully see Him in me, and that I may be held accountable to continue on this journey.

That’s all for now, be looking for more to come 🙂 Wvolkswagen-569315_1920

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